Danielle Alyse Basford Writing Prize

In honor of the late Danielle Basford, a 2012 graduate of the program, Writing Seminars senior majors are invited to submit a short story (no excerpts, please) for the Danielle Alyse Basford Writing Prize.

Length: Fifteen pages maximum, double-spaced

Entries will be judged by the Basford family. The winner will receive $1,000.

The department would like to publish the winning story on our website. Please indicate if you do not want your story posted.


Stories should be emailed to alynwander@jhu.edu in a PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Deadline – March 19, 2019.


2019 – “What Happened To Me In My Own Words” by Natalie Wallington.  Read Natalie’s winning story here.

2018 – “Slip of the Mind” by Kailyn Fiocca.  Read Kailyn’s winning story here.

Prior to 2018, the award was given annually to the student writer with the most compelling piece of science-fiction/fantasy writing.

2017 – “Gilese 3005” by Michael Gentile

2016 – An Excerpt from Annabelle and the Spider King by Lydia Youngman

2015 – “From the Mouths of Babes” by Kat Lewis

2014 – “Plainhaven” by Cecilia Mancuso

2013 – “Bushmeat” by Jonathan Engelberg

The Cat in the Jacket by Danielle Basford

Please read Danielle’s book, The Cat in the Jacket.