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JHU Press Publishes Hastings Hensel’s (M.F.A. 2009) Third Book of Poetry

Hastings Hensel
Though at times whimsical and witty, the poems in Hastings Hensel’s Ballyhoo inhabit the world beyond and between the punchline. In tightly controlled meditations on language’s limits and its necessity, as well as on the many forms that humor takes—comedy, laughter, farce, clowning, parody, and more—Hensel navigates fine lines between joy and sadness, jokes and cruelty, reality […]

Joanna Pearson, M.F.A. ’09, Publishes Third Book in Third Genre

Joanna Pearson
Dr. Joanna Pearson, a psychiatrist with two Johns Hopkins degrees, a 2009 M.F.A. in poetry and a 2010 M.D., has had her third book, Every Human Love, a collection of short stories, published with Acre Press.  Pearson is also the author of a young adult novel, The Rites and Wrongs of Janice Wills, and the Donald Justice Prize-winning […]