Writing Seminars Professor and Graduate Student Receive 2021-22 Krieger School Excellence in Teaching Awards

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The Writing Seminars is pleased to announce that Dora Malech was awarded the KSAS Faculty Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award, and Dom Guida, MFA ‘ 22, was listed as an honorable mention for the KSAS Teaching Assistant Award.

Students had the following to say about Malech and Guida.

Dora Malech: “She does not subscribe to a narrow or prescriptive version of what a successful poem looks like. In practice, this makes her a more attentive, generous reader; she is better able to diagnose the current state of the poem and then push the poem more effectively in the direction of its current aims, rather than forcing a completely different vision on to the poem. She is completely uninterested in making the poem look more like her, her world, or her familiar influences—this is rarer than it should be and truly invaluable. This helped me feel seen and validated, not only as writer, but a person. You don’t forget a teacher and mentor like Dora Malech.”

Dom Guida: “After asking our opinion on the piece we are workshopping, he will often take a moment to point out the significance of whatever we just said, and then elaborate on it to extend the discussion to the rest of the class. It simultaneously makes me feel more confident in what I’ve said and also makes me think deeper about the ideas I proposed and sometimes see them in a different light.”