Writing Seminars Majors Develop Marketing Campaign for Real Simple Magazine

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Two Writing Seminars majors, Alyssa Kattan and Eben Woo, spent the semester developing and implementing an integrated marketing campaign for REAL SIMPLE—the magazine and lifestyle brand.   Working for JHU alum Rachel Reed Campellone, and the magazine’s editor, they also held Department Manager roles, supervising peers, as members of the Center for Leadership Education’s Advertising/IMC class.  

“Not only do students gain valuable experience that makes them more marketable to employers but it allows them to explore different ways their writing and creative skills can be used in a marketing campaign,” noted Leslie Kendrick, faculty member for the course.  

Eben’s team developed content for INSTAGRAM to support the campaign.  Alyssa’s team implemented initiatives designed to increase awareness of the brand—partnering with recreation-center fitness instructors by providing branded giveaways—and orchestrating the addition of a REAL SIMPLE branded smoothie, available on the Good Part & Co. app!  A TikTok video developed by the Advertising team also helped drive smoothie sales!

Alyssa Kattan (left) with Jackie Rieger (right)