Kate Keleher, MFA ‘ 21, Wins Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award

Congratulations to Kate Keleher who won the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award for the 2020-21 Krieger School’s Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Advising Awards.

Some of the comments about Kate’s teaching include:

“Kate is one of the strongest instructors of the Introduction to Fiction and Poetry course. She is warm and welcoming, and she has an excellent rapport with her students. IFP is largely a discussion-based class, and while many of the students have a limited background in literary craft, Kate excels in eliciting commentary from the class, making for lively and unselfconscious investigations of poetry and fiction.”

“Kate has completely turned around my perspective on writing and analyzing literature, as she encourages us to share our thoughts, even if we are not very confident in them and always values our opinions. Kate is the only professor who has made me feel like could actually express my thoughts about the pieces we read, even if they do not quite line up with her own ideas.”