Stephen Dixon, longtime Writing Seminars professor and master of fiction writing, dies at 83

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A tribute from Professor Jean McGarry:

It’s hard to believe such a force of nature as Steve Dixon could be gone.  His love of writing was only exceeded by his love of his family: his late wife, Anne Frydman, and daughters, Sophia and Antonia.  He married just before coming to Hopkins, and his children were born in the days when, along with John Barth, he was a pillar of the fiction program in The Writing Seminars.  If Jack was cool and cerebral, Steve was fiery and impulsive.  Widely read, he was a fierce critic, admiring mostly stylistic originals like Samuel Beckett and Thomas Bernhard.  And yet he was generous and encouraging to young writers, and seemed to believe that he could teach anyone to write well.

Absent of even a glimmer of vanity, Steve, according to his wife, had two outfits: in summer, shorts and a tee shirt; in winter, sweat pants and sweat shirt.  Getting to his desk, and his typewriter, was the objective of every single day.

I will miss him.  He was a true original as a writer, a husband, a father, a friend, a man.