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Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson is a nonfiction essayist and editor of 3QR: The Three Quarter Review. She is the author of Literature on Deadline (Celumbra/Pacific Isle), and is a former staff writer for The Miami Herald and Johns Hopkins Magazine, among other publications. Her literary essays have appeared in print or online at The Sun literary magazine, Creative Nonfiction, The Connecticut Review, Utne Reader, Style, WYPR's The Signal, as well as in the book collections Letters to J.D. Salinger (University of Wisconsin Press) and Signs of Life in the USA (Bedford/St. Martin’s).

As a foreign correspondent, she has written for such venues as The Baltimore Sun and American Journalism Review, reporting from Argentina, India, Nepal, Cuba, and China. Cavanaugh Simpson earned her MA from Hopkins' Writing Seminars, where she now teaches. She is currently on the editorial board at The Baltimore Review, and her literary blog can be found at