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Equal Distance

Danny Ott, 23, on leave from Harvard Law School and a Wall-Street-firm internship, goes to Kyoto, Japan, to do research with a Japanese law professor. But Kyoto is bewildering, and Danny feels lucky when he happens two American trust funders who guide him through the chaos.

A Bigamist’s Daughter

Elizabeth Connelly, editor at a New York vanity press, sells the dream of publication (admittedly, to writers of questionable talent). Stories of true emotional depth rarely cross her desk. But when a young writer named Tupper Daniels walks in, bearing an unfinished novel, Elizabeth is drawn to both the novelist and his story—a lyrical tale […]

Coming to Terms

Elegant, useful, and witty explanations of 160 words and terms shrouded in the professional mystery that makes people distrust whoever utters them. This lexicon, and a brilliant introductory essay in which Wayne Biddle takes on the perpetrators of scientific newspeak, make Coming to Terms a primer of the new science, and a trenchant commentary on language, culture, […]

The Heisenberg Variations

This brilliant poet treats the world in remarkably witty style—at times with rollicking good humor—and that in itself is a rare quality in poetry written in the 20th century. John Bricuth writes with a great gusto on a variety of subjects—with lightness and wit about the writing of poetry itself and with seriousness about Laurel […]